Omnichannel Orders
& Inventory Management Software

Integrated purchase and sales channels.
Addons for Shopify, Amazon and all major marketplaces.
Never write orders on paper or enter in ERP manually.
No chance of over selling or underselling with live inventory and pricing.
Field sales & Web-store orders connected with back-office.
Advanced digital warehouse management system.

Accelerate sales and delight your customers with LIVE SYNC ordering

JAZZ is an OMNI Orders & Inventory Management Software


Jazz connects your orders form all sales channels, inventory locations, and warehouses, into one solution. Give your operations, finance, warehouse, and ecommerce managers the tools they need to work together more efficiently and smoothly.

Auto ERP orders sync

All the incoming orders are automatically entered into the ERP System instantaneously.

Live inventory updates

Jazz B2B eCommerce platform instantaneously synchronizes inventory numbers.

Direct orders

Business to business orders are just another sales channel.

Mobile order taking

In store or field orders are captured through POS.


Live product updates

Centralized products catalog serves all sales channels.

Data Analysis

Omni channel sales and inventory reports for solid grip on your business.

Digital catalogs generation

The HD digital catalogs can become the single source of products related information and media.

Warehouse / A3PL

You can manage your warehouse with a fully digital WMS system or onboard an A3PL.

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