Business to business online stores, with built-in inventory

Give your wholesale customers an online shopping experience that keeps them coming back. Showcase products and pricing on stores with inventory integrated, and take the admin out of the order process.

JAZZ B2B Online Store – intelliCommerce

Boost Your Wholesale Sales

Increase efficiency, save time, and sell more with powerful features built for your wholesale channel.

Product flexibility

Create a specific product catalog. Sell product bundles, size and color variations, and unlimited pack-sizes.

Routing automation

Set orders to go automatically to a specific warehouse or 3PL warehouse for efficient fulfillment.

Convenient ordering

Your customers can easily search product catalogs, re-order products, and order in bulk.

Pricing and promotions

Show customers products at their price tier, and set up special deals just for them.

Real-time stock levels

Show customers real-time stock availability from any warehouse, 3PL warehouse, or other branch.

Order details

Customers can add delivery dates and instructions and ship orders when and how they want them.

JAZZ B2B Online Store – intelliCommerce

Expand your customer base and shipping capabilities

Launch your on-line storefront in a matter of hours.

Quick setup

Instantly publish inventory, product, & accounts. Set up multiple B2B online stores by region or product range or by customer groups.

Launch online storefront instantly

Customer securely access the storefront. Easy to get started and use, no IT team or developer required. Plus, no manual order entry saves time.

Your store your branding

Put your branding and messaging with ease. Let your buyer order in bulk. Also, sell in multiple pack sizes to increase sales volumes.

JAZZ B2B Online Store – intelliCommerce

Faster order fulfillment

Significantly reduce the order fulfillment time.

Correct orders always

with real-time inventory, pricing, & specs info.

Eliminate service calls

for basic account, product, and order questions.

Empower retailers

to do business with you more often.


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