#1 B2B eCommerce storefront

for buyers to order direct via an online storefront



Mobile Order Writing



B2B eCommerce


Jazzba Manage

Backoffice Operations

JAZZBA – intelliCommerce

Increase Sales

reach new customers in new geographies and customer segments.

Serve low order volume

with unprecedented agility.

Market to greater audience

Extensively market products.

New horizons new customers

profitably serve more customers.

Simpler retailers on-boarding

Approved retailers get instant access.

JAZZBA – intelliCommerce

Start getting orders online

Launch your on-line storefront in a matter of hours.

Quick setup

Instantly publish inventory, product, & accounts.

Launch online storefront instantly

Customer securely access the storefront.

Your store your branding

Put your branding and messaging with ease.

JAZZBA – intelliCommerce – B2B eCommerce Platform

Faster order fulfillment

Significantly reduce the order fulfillment time.

Correct orders always

with real-time inventory, pricing, & specs info.

Eliminate service calls

for basic account, product, and order questions.

Empower retailers

to do business with you more often.

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