The Only Service Provider That Guarantee Wholesalers up to 200% profit growth
in 1 year or less.

We achieve this by boosting sales while reducing costs

Smart Neji is gaining 150% more sales every three months.

A Powerful Online Presence Helps in Sales

Smart Neji’s online brand store was up and running in weeks.

Right Sales Channels Used For Boosting Sales

Smart Neji started selling on Amazon Canada followed by USA in 3 months.

Ensure consistent increase in online sales.

Correct sales patterns analysis & timely actions boost online sales.

Wholesale and Retail Buyers Ordering.

Volume pricing & online self checkout helped in boosting sales.

Orders Funneling into Accounting System.

Availability of instant sales reports helped in boosting sales


POs, Brochures, and Catalogs Go Paperless.

Sales reps educate customers and build relations faster.


Costs reduction of more than 15% in one year.

Paper based POs, printed brochures, and catalogs were discarded.

In Parallel, Smart Neji’s Sales Teams Started Taking Orders From Wholesalers  Over The Digital Catalog


Wholesale and Retail Buyers Were Empowered With Self Checkout Option

Smart Neji Gave Wholesalers Self Checkout Option & Access To It’s Live Inventory & Wholesale Pricing.


Ongoing sales analysis and marketing alignment helps to increase online sales

Smart Neji’s sales team works together with the order fulfillment team to get orders out in hours.


If you suspect that it doesn’t take years to find product-market-fit, you are right it’s a game of months not years.

The product’s sales are boosted with effective marketing on right online sales channels. Also, the costs for order taking, picking, packing and shipping orders are brought down.

Ms. Tomoko Sato, CEO Smart Neji



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List the benefits in an elegant style.


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